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Tasting wine is “to taste, to taste something to examine its taste or seasoning”. But in the world of wine this word has a much greater meaning: it carries with it a series of procedures or “rituals” in which the senses come into play in an exceptional way in order to discover the aromas, tastes and

In summer, white wine

White wine, as we all know, comes from the fruit obtained from the vine. The white grapes used primarily to produce this type of wine are spread throughout the world. There are several varieties distributed in many areas such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon or Riesling, among others. In addition, other important indigenous varieties that can be

Wines of Madrid cooler than an 8!

“Madrid, Madrid, Madrid…pedazo de la España en que nací.” The tradition of the wines of Madrid dates back to the thirteenth century and its wine legacy reaches to our days ready to satisfy the most demanding palates of the capital and the rest of the world. The D. O. Vinos de Madrid was established in

Musical pairing

Throughout history, music, wine and gastronomy have been closely related. Even in the case of wine, the relationship is more intense. From a series of investigations have been obtained amazing results that confirm that the music can be an excellent pairing for the wine. These studies are mainly based on cognitive theory, which explains the

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MADRID HAS WINE (article El País)

No one expected much from the appellation of origin, created in 1990, Vinos de Madrid. On the one hand, the name: so attractive, urban, modern … But far from any association in the collective imagination with the wine business. On the other, the city: can a good wine come out of a space with so

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Sanz La Capital Roble Presentation

On Wednesday, April 20th, we had the honor of presenting a new member that has joined our family: the new Madrid red wine, Sanz La Capital Roble. The event was held in a fantastic restaurant castizo as is the Restaurant Viva Madrid, and participated, among others, Ana Carbajo, our Commercial Director; Daniel Orusco, oenologist and

Vinos Sanz takes its first wine passed by casks of all its collection, whether in its white wines of Rueda or Madrid reds. It is a 100% Tempranillo wine, from the O.D. Wines of Madrid and with 14% alcohol. Its presentation is very attractive, showing another distinctive and recognizable landscape of the capital of Spain,

If in 2013 our Finca La Colina Sauvignon Blanc was awarded a Grand Zarcillo de Oro, this time it has been our Finca La Colina Verdejo who has achieved a Gold Zarcillo in the presumed Zarcillo 2015 Awards. The competition was held in Valladolid on 29 and 30 April and 1 and 2 May, organized

Last October 29 was held the annual presentation of the prestigious Peñín Guide 2016. This time the venue chosen for the Hall of the Best Wines of Spain was the Municipal Palace of Congresses of Madrid and it was attended by about 4000 people , Mainly professionals. The event had more than 440 wines belonging


Great new news for one of our most recognized references! The sixth edition of the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2015, which took place on 22 and 23 May in the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (area of good wines of the variety Sauvignon), has awarded a Gold Medal to our Finca La Colina Savignon


Finca La Colina Verdejo 2014 has been awarded a Bronze Medal at the “Decanter World Wine Awards 2015”, one of the most respected and influential wine competitions in the world. This event, founded in 2004 and celebrated annually in London, has received in this year about 15.00 references from 46 countries around the world. The


Wines Sanz takes a “double” in the “Mondial de Bruxelles 2015”: Gold Medal for Finca La Colina Sauvignon Blanc and Silver Medal for Finca La Colina Verdejo. Reviewing previous dates we can say that Finca La Colina Verdejo repeats the result of last year and Finca La Colina Sauvignon Blanc gets its eighth medal in


Last Monday, May 12, the winning wines were announced, possibly the most important touring wine event on the planet, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2014, and we can say very proud and proud that our Finca La Colina Verdejo CIENXCIEN continues with its Ìidilio de amor¨ with this competition to achieve a new Silver Medal.


Vinos Sanz incorporates a new reference to its assortment of white wines: FRI SANZ TE. The only needle wine from the winery, semi sweet, monovarietal 100% verdejo and with 11% alcohol. The first and, so far, only semi sweet qualified as D.O. Wheel. Made with a selection of grapes from its own vineyard (as in


The next 12, 13 and 14 May will be present at FENAVIN, the most important international fair of Spanish wines. For the third consecutive edition, we will have our own stand, which will be located in the ENEO Pavilion, Calle 3, Stand 13-BIS. It will be possible to taste the current 2014 vintage of all