With the maximum respect for the varietal tipicity and with the marked personality of Vinos Sanz we present this original 100% Verdejo white wine with a semi sweet touch, made with a selection of grapes from our own vineyard.

After a traditional elaboration of the grape, fermented slowly to maintain the natural needle, we proceed to stop the fermentation with cold to preserve and keep the maximum aroma of the variety and its elegant bubble.



  • Alcohol: 11º
  • Sugar: 35 g/l
  • Tasting notes: Mono-varietal of Verdejo, straw-yellow, clean and
    sparkly. Intense and elegant nose, highlighted by herbaceous aromatic nuances harmonized with intense notes of white fruit. Its natural bubbles confer a refreshing and pleasant palate with great balance acidity, sugar and alcohol, powered by the delicate needle.
  • Gastronomy: Ideal to enjoy with appetizers or with a light meal. Perfect for dessert!
  • Serving Temperature: Serve very cold.
  • Presentation: White Rhin bottle of  75cl. Boxes of 12 units.
  • Storage temperature: Below 20 ° C