Our Vineyards

The legacy of our tradition is presented with expressiveness and typicality in these old and beautiful vineyards of the Castilian plateau, that creates great Rueda white wines. Singular wines fruit of the earth, the sun and our hands, as a reflection of our history.


Set in the village of La Seca, at the heart of the D.O. Rueda, this estate is one of the most important in the region and boasts the oldest Sauvignon Blanc vines in the Denominación, as well as other plantations of Verdejo and Viura.

A pretty almond-tree lined lane surrounded by vineyards and a unique gritty soil provides a beautiful entrance to the heart of the estate. A house sits at the top of a mount, amidst a magnificent pine grove, providing a marvellous view of this unique plantation.

We apply the technology in a rational way, with preliminary analisys of the soil, correcting any deficiencies that are found. We also apply maturity controls through successive sample collections, looking for the optimum moment for the collection.

In our desire to preserve tradition and achieve the highest quality, we maintain old vineyards with low yields but with the highest quality combined with new plantations.


Our grapes varieties

Dark brown earth furrowed by the waters of the majestic river Duero, well-tended vines growing on a high plain with gentle relief, small and prosperous villages given over to creating the coveted nectar of the Gods. Such is Rueda and its varieties.


DO Rueda logoNow considered an emblem of the Rueda winegrowing region, the Verdejo grape is native of the region.

The vine is vigorous, horizontally growing, sprouts and matures early to average.

The clusters are small, with visible stalks and medium-small berries. Spherical, dark green, slightly shiny and medium-sized leaves. Produces a wine with hints of brushwood and fruity touches that appear slightly sweetened on account of its powerful alcohol and contrast with excellent acidity.

It is at the following wines:


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This variety, one of the two most desirable white grapes in the world, is originally from the Gallic country, although it has had a magnificent adaptation to the Rueda terrain.

It is a strain of early sprouting and rapid flowering and its clusters are distinguished by being small and compact.

It needs loose soil, but fertile and without tendency to watering.


It is at the following wines:


DO Rueda logoThe good companion. Known as Macabeo in other parts of Spain, it has a large orbicular leaf, with a scraggly and hairy back.

With medium or large clusters and very spherical berries of sweet and sour juice, its maturity process is more slowly than other varieties.

It can be found at:


do-madridDifferent names are given to the most widespread variety in our country. The truth is that it changes its characteristics depending on the land that hosts it. Of early budding and early maturation, it presents a semi-fast bearing. The clusters are medium-sized, compact and have two characteristic shoulders.

It can be found at: