Sanz La Capital Roble Presentation

On Wednesday, April 20th, we had the honor of presenting a new member that has joined our family: the new Madrid red wine, Sanz La Capital Roble.

presentacion-vinos-sanz The event was held in a fantastic restaurant castizo as is the Restaurant Viva Madrid, and participated, among others, Ana Carbajo, our Commercial Director; Daniel Orusco, oenologist and Technical Director of Bodegas Orusco; And the president of D.O. Wines of Madrid, Juan Bautista Orusco. A special mention should also be made of our winemaker, Sylvia Iglesias, creator of the essence of this fantastic wine from the capital. The tasting and tasting of our Sanz La Capital reds were accompanied at all times by the cuisine of Emilio González and María Iglesias (Viva Madrid) and the artisan products of Lino Moreno (La Rioja). This proposal is undoubtedly an “alternative to Rioja and Ribera del Duero, in bars and restaurants in Madrid”. In short, “we would like the Madrid audience to identify with their region when it comes to ordering a wine and to start to hear that Madrid also has wine”



Thank you very much to all! Because it is proven that the best pairing for wine is good company.


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Sanz La Capital Roble


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